Entryway – the walls

Couple years ago I decided to start a fast project: strip all the wallpaper from the entryway walls. It is a small space, so it should be fast, but I knew there was a risk. As some of the walls are original plaster, you never know exactly what you are going to find.

Obviously, there was several layers of wallpaper over crumbling plaster..


And from a dated entryway we went to a horror movie one.

The problem was that I just had some weeks available to this work so we had to live for a very long time with a construction zone entryway. The first thing to address was repairing de walls by stabilizing the plaster with washers, then patching holes with drywall and a lot of mudding after.

Same thing on the walls by the front door.

The wall on the corridor to the back of the house was in better shape but had its own challenge. At the back, by the door, there was a big patch (that is a sort of built-in on the other side inside the office). The patch was part drywall and part wood.

I also didn’t like the office side of it, so finally we decided to demolish it all.

And patch it properly.

On the opposite side, by the front door, there was a bump on the wall, just behind the radiator. Again it was a mix of drywall and wood.

Under it, it pass all the plumbing and wires of the second floor.

As we will have to rewire most of it at some point and it is always wise to keep this kind of things accessible, I decided to build a removable panel to cover all the pipes and wires. So no closed walls here.





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