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2017 Summer Garden

I did not have a lot of time for my garden during 2017. It was a year full of projects, most of them I still have to post here, and some bumps in the calendar. But as most of the garden is well set, it put a beautiful display nonetheless.



Entryway – panel

As I said in the last post, instead of fully closing the wall with drywall, we opted for a movable panel for the little wall in the corner, the little bump by the door. Behind the mix of wood and drywall covered in wallpaper, all the plumbing and electricity of the second floor passes.

So it is wise to have an easy access to them.

First I built a little side wall, in drywall.

Then, I built the panel in 2 pieces to reducing risks of warping and also to be easier to move. The panels are very light, just 1×2 and pine paneling.

After painted in white and installed, we could see quite well the line between the 2 different panels.

To conceal it and also to be a landing space, I installed a little shelf. And there it is. Another finished projet in the entryway.

I still have to finish the baseboard in the little corner, stripping and repainting the radiator and decorating.