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Half bathroon – reveal

After a long way, we are (almost) done with the first phase renovation of the little downstairs bathroom. At some point in the future we will have to really address floor and wall, but we are ok for some years now. So lets see the results!

It is a very small space, but a lot had to be done. There was all the pink (that we still have in the door and radiator that will be addressed soon). The window needed attention too and it became my first window restoration in the house).


We kept the wallpaper, just gluing some loose ends, changed the light fixtures and decorated! The pictures are not great, light is tricky there…

DSC02251nova DSC02250nova

After restoring the casing and the window panel, we installed it back with new hinges and a “stopper”. It is a piece used for trunks that solved our problem. Previously, the window would open all the way down, forcing the framing and staying on the way to the sink. Now the window can stay half-open, ventilating well without bothering or forcing the frame.


I manage to keep the old brass hardware. 🙂


The door wall was an ocean of pink.. There was also some patching to do.


There is still stuff to address at this side. The pink still there in the radiator and the door.. But the new color and decoration makes it so much better already!


The toilet wall also got painted as well as the pink shelves..


And here it is! The art is basic Ikea frames framing molas from Panama. And there is some decoration on the shelves now.


Hopefully, we will manage to finish the door and the radiator before winter arrives. And them all the pink will be gone!


Half bathroom – part 2

As usual, things never go as fast as we initially plan. I did not finish the bathroom yet… It is well advanced though!

I decided to restore the window to see if it is something we can really do our selves. I am not finished, but I think it is possible. Long, but possible.

The window had some problems besides being pink. It didn’t close well due to paint built up and it opened too much, forcing the structure of the panel (that was already a little broken).

First step was stripping all that paint. I estimate that there was something around 20-30 coats.


Then primed…


And painted!


The panel had more to be done: I took all the painting and all the glazing as it was broken in some points. After that, I glued the wood were the weight of the window (when open) had made a big crack.


Then I reglazed. What is much more difficult than it looks like. I am still waiting to fully dry, what has been much longer than expected.


I also stripped the door frame and molding, but we are finishing the door itself outside. So it is still pink and needs some fixing. It will be done as soon as the weather allow us.


The walls were partially covered in a textured wall paper. We kept the wallpaper but painted the same color as the pantry. The pantry and this bathroom are visible from the dining room, both doors are on the same wall, so keeping the same color gives some unity. I decided to paint everything the same color (walls, ceiling and shelves), except the trimmings, that I changed from pink to white.



What we still have to do:

– gluing the wallpaper in some spots;

– paiting the shelves;

– installing new light fixture (that can be a little complicate because, as always, the wires are kind of messy)

– hanging frames and decorating (one of the frames is on the picture above)

– solving the mirror situation (the window is on the top of the sink and the walls here can’t hold anything heavy.. but I have some ideas, let see)


And then it will be finish till we decide to really address this bathroom. At some point in the past there was serious water damage here and things were more patched than fixed. But considering that we have two other bathrooms to fully renovate I think this one will stay like that for a long time…


Half bathroom – part 1

For a while I want to renovate the first floor half bathroom. It is a small room and I know exactly what I want done there. In the future I want to change the sink and install a nice vanity but, as it also needs a plumbing reparation, this all is staying for phase 2.

So what it is for phase 1? First ending all this rose. The trim, window, door and radiator are pink. And there is so many coats of paint that nothing works well. There is a textured wallpaper that is staying, but it will also get painted. I am renovating the window and fixing the door. We will also change the light fixture and them some nice decoration.

Some pictures of our starting point:


The door knob has always been broken. You can’t use it to close the door and it usually hurts who wants to enter ou leave the bathroom…


The wallpaper is nice but need glueing in some spots.



And all this pink… … …


Last year (or the year before) I primed the pink walls. I got back to work this year, and have already advanced a lot: the window  is bare wood, ready for fixing and getting new paint; the door is being fixed and stripped, the radiator is also being stripped, the walls are patched. I am planning some work for tomorrow, I might have enough to make a post on my progress.

First floor bathroom – 3rd update

As soon as we moved we worked in a temporary fix for the downstairs bathroom. We plan to do a very nice renovation there, but as it is the only shower in the house and it was disgusting, we needed to make it usable for now. You can check what we did in here and here.

After these bigger works, we added some little decoration detail, like a mirror and a shower curtain. And now it is a pretty decent bathroom. Nothing particularly beautiful, but no disgusting grout, mold, red walls and dirty vinyl floors.

But there was one thing that was bothering me still. The sink is a kind of plastic material and over time it has turned yellowish. I scrubbed it more than you can imagine, but it always looked like it was dirty.

So I decided to paint it. I found this spray paint for plastic and it has worked well in some other places we tried. I know that a sink is going to be more complicate to hold the paint, but the worst scenario is that I will have to take the paint off. Not exactly a problem, so lets give it a try.

All taped and covered..

and some layers of spray paint after…

A much whiter sink! So nice!

So check it again.



And a full view of this bathroom, as it is now (I finished the sink curtain). Even if it is temporary I am still not 100% happy with the result. I want to paint the walls again (I am thinking in a strong color for the lower half, maybe blue or pink, but Pierre is not convinced). And we need some caulking to give a more finished looking.. Lets see, lets see.. 😉