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Pantry walls


I’ve been slowly making some progress in the pantry. Before the holidays I installed the last shelf that was missing at the top of the cabinet I built long ago.

When we moved, 3 years ago, we open the kitchen to the dinning room and left the walls and ceiling with holes, marks and ugly colors (white, beige and pink, all that in a miniscule space).


So, finally this years I patched the holes and marks.


Painted the walls.


Installed a base for the curtains.


And then sewed the curtains and also hung some frames.


So just to remember, the pauntry started as a closet at the dining room.


It became a (messy) pantry…


… that now is behind curtains (yes, it is still messy, but there is projects planned to increase storage and end all mess).


A final before and after, just for fun:

The holes, marks and several diferent colors…


And the same corner now…



New lamp


We have a new lamp in the kitchen!


The previous lamp was funny, but… Pierre preferred the old one. But we are keeping the new one 😉




After a very long time we were back working on the kitchen last weekend. We mostly planned the stuff that still has to be done, but we managed to level the range and fix the counter. We still have to go backwards to finish the base structure and finish the open side, but it already looks much better.


Starting to finish projects here!


Porte Épices

I love cooking. Therefore I love ingredients, specially spices. We have a nice amount of different spices and storage is always an issue. First, original packaging is not really made to be kept. Second, you should keep then out of light to best preserve the spices. Third, we don’t have lots of storage place in our kitchen.

Aside that, we have a gap between the counter and the wall in our kitchen. We considered some options to solve it, but it is not so easy due to its position, cabinets and so on.. So I found a solution to solve both problems.

I got some spice jar at Ikea and spray painted then black as we get lots of light everywhere in this house.

After I painted a long piece of wood using blackboard paint (leftover from Cedric’s room).

Just added some subtitles (in case I forget what I have there :P)

And labelled all the jars, as you cannot see what is inside anymore.

Voilà. A nice spice rack. I still have to finish the jars as some didn’t hold the paint well. And I might have to reconsider the idea of writing “épices” everywhere because some distracted fingers already erased it from some spots. Lets see how it goes…


Base cabinets

As we told in a previous post, we decided to keep, and improve, the original kitchen cabinets. We finished the upper cabinets last november, before my family arrived for Christmas here in snowland. We didn’t manage to finish the bottom cabinets due to time constrains and facing reality. But we got back to work now and it was much smoother then we had anticipated in november.

Remembering our starting point:

We started by ripping out the original counters, uninstalling the doors and cleaning&painting the interiors.

Then we installed the new wood counters..

Still in november we painted the cabinet structure

and applied a frame to give a nicer finishing to the doors.

We also applied a layer of plywood on the drawers’ fronts to get everything leveled. And we got everything painted.

Then, when we tried to install everything back it just didn’t fit back. Obviously. If you try to make round\bronken stuff get a little more straight, they just won’t fit in the same space they were before. Obviously.

So, for the last 4 months we had nice painted doors parked in our kitchen till we got back to them this april..

So, to be able to get the doors back in place we had to cut some of the drawers front side, and also adjust the drawers to raise them a little so to stop getting on the doors tops.

But when you cut plywood you have some side effects that we also had to fix.

We decided to not install the corner single door as it would be a lot af adjustment to get it to fit, and instead we opted for a curtain solution.

After we got the doors installed, it was time to install the knobs and pulls. But, then, the drill run out of battery and we are still evaluating what we will do (replace batteries, replace drill, what model then…). In the meantime we borrowed Pierre’s brother’s drill. This is how all projects take longer then initially planned 😉

But today we finally finished the base cabinets!!



The curtain is a little to long, but I am still not sure where it should stop. Lets live with it for a while and decide later.

And now it is time to start working on the laundry room..


Finishing the pantry shelves

Well, this was a long time without writing. But now I am back home, after intense 3 weeks in Brazil working and visiting family & friends. Before travelling, however, I manage to finish the shelves for the pantry. As I told in the last post I mismeasured the space and we had to cut everything to get it right. That meant disassembling everything, cutting and assembling again.

And now the shelves are ready. I still have to finish patching the wall, attach the shelves to the wall and install some crown moulding to give a more built-in look.

But it is already fully functional. And full!

So, first step finished. we are getting back to work on the pantry, and some other places very soon!


Upper cabinets

When you buy a house with the amount of work that we have here, you have to make lots of decisions. Some related to practical life (like installing the dishwasher), some related to code requirements (like installing the hood) and some due to costs. And of course all we want is to have a nice and beautiful place. The equation is not that easy nor obvious, but it brings us to lots of discoveries, especially of what we can do if we try.

One of these decisions was to keep the kitchen cabinets. They were not particularly beautiful, or good quality, or practical, but installing a new one would be expensive, especially if trying to match all these qualities and fitting the house style. So we decided to improve it.

Here is the cabinets when we visited the house.

We decided to open the upper cabinets, taking lots of inspiration from the blog The Lettered Cottage. The main challenge is that our cabinets were quite simple and we had to find some creative ideas to bring them to a finishing less unfinished. We first took all the doors out (long ago, just after we got the keys). And that was what we had to work on.


It look clearly like it was missing its doors… The sides were to thin, the structure for the doors too obvious and the internal finishing too much an internal finishing.. So the first solution we came up was to even the framework, make all the sides on the same level, as well as the same size. To do that we got some wood and I first used a staple gun (so cool, but as I am the main photographer of our work here, we don’t have register of that).

This option also opened space to install under cabinet lights, what is particularly useful considering the lack of lamps in the kitchen. Then, we installed some trimming, to give a more finished look. We also added crown moulding (we just got a model that was particularly difficult to paint after installed.. maybe we should have painted before installing, but what is important is that the final result is good.)

Then we primed everything (and got loads of pictures as I let one of the twins in charge).


And painted.


We also installed the beadboard, painted the same color as the cabinet. And painted the wall the same color as the sitting room. Then it was already beginning of december, Pierre got sick and we had to run to be ready for my family’s arrival.

We were exhausted but extremely happy with the results we achieved!