Recap – Petit salon

First room on the list of the beautification project that happened during my January break was our tv room / guest bedroom downstairs. I just couldn’t leave with the purple blue lilac sponge paint anymore. It was mainly painting and new furniture and decor.


We painted the walls a dark taupe. The sofa still the old one, but now it is covered in a white bedspread. We added a bookshelf and Bonbon (our snake) moved here. And then it moved out, back to our office…



And we finally decorated the room. Soon, we will change the sofa and rearrange the things, but for now it is much cozier, more beautiful, everybody happy!




Well, it has been almost one year since my last post. Last august I started school (on woodworking!), kept working and family life went a little bit nuts around here, with 3 kids full-time here and some other challenges…  Additionally, my partner in crime was even busier this last months, so the renovation plans have changed a little. But things kept going!

During my summer vacations I will update on what has happened here the last months as well as tackle some projects, what I already started doing.

Half bathroon – reveal

After a long way, we are (almost) done with the first phase renovation of the little downstairs bathroom. At some point in the future we will have to really address floor and wall, but we are ok for some years now. So lets see the results!

It is a very small space, but a lot had to be done. There was all the pink (that we still have in the door and radiator that will be addressed soon). The window needed attention too and it became my first window restoration in the house).


We kept the wallpaper, just gluing some loose ends, changed the light fixtures and decorated! The pictures are not great, light is tricky there…

DSC02251nova DSC02250nova

After restoring the casing and the window panel, we installed it back with new hinges and a “stopper”. It is a piece used for trunks that solved our problem. Previously, the window would open all the way down, forcing the framing and staying on the way to the sink. Now the window can stay half-open, ventilating well without bothering or forcing the frame.


I manage to keep the old brass hardware. 🙂


The door wall was an ocean of pink.. There was also some patching to do.


There is still stuff to address at this side. The pink still there in the radiator and the door.. But the new color and decoration makes it so much better already!


The toilet wall also got painted as well as the pink shelves..


And here it is! The art is basic Ikea frames framing molas from Panama. And there is some decoration on the shelves now.


Hopefully, we will manage to finish the door and the radiator before winter arrives. And them all the pink will be gone!

Garden update – 16/07/14


Summer flowers time!!!



Hyadrangea, daylilies…

DSC02288 DSC02287 DSC02285








Garden update – 02/07/14


Rose time in the garden. The bushes in the front garden are full of flowers.



As well as the roses in the back garden that I moved there last year.


The front garden is a sea of flowers. Malves, campanules, lupin, among others..







The lilies flanking the stairs are beautiful too..



This pretty little red flowers were already in the garden. Last year I opened space for them and we have a lot of flowers this year. I think they are called Geum.


The delicate blue alliuns are opening…








Last year I let a lot of little wild daisies to grow, and this year we have a lot of flowers below de vine..


This one I don’t know the name. It smells so good, I think is a jasmine, but I have to find its name.




And the sweet peas growing on the chain fence of the kennel…




Our back yard is actually at the side of the house. And it is a sunken backyard with little walls on some of its sides. The walls are the foundation of the house, supposedly a boulangerie, that previously occupied the space. It was basically a squared space, with some features: a little brick area and 2 brick flower bed in the middle of the lawn, a stone flower bed and a little patio, where we have a pic-nic table.



It was a very plain space, that we just used to eat outside in summer days. One of the reasons being the fact that it is not very comfortable to sit long in a pic-nic table. And we didn’t have nice seats to use around the fire.

So first thing I did long ago was taking out the brick flower beds, they just didn’t make sense. And last year I started to destroy the stone one, and we finished that beginning of last May. We used the stones and all the dirt we moved to make a new flower bed in a new location of the garden.


After, it was the gigantic work of loosening the soil and moving all the dirt to the new flower bed. It was a 3 generation work and a very nice family moment (even if exhausting).


We covered the space in landscaping fabric and had 2 tons of gravel delivered, and Pierre had to move all that in place. Heavy work… I made a border using the old bricks we moved from other places, but we still have a lot of bricks for future projects. We them made two benches use cinder blocks and 4×4. And here we are:


We already have the pillows, and you can see the decor and plants already set on the space. It has  received some use, even if it is soooo windy… But there is some to do to be finished.


Coming next:

– Putting pea gravel as a finishing layer

– Moving the wood to under the benches

– Replanting grass in all damaged area and thyme on the bricks

– Finishing the flower bed on the other side of the patio

– Making wood planter for the herbs on the wall

– Some extra decoration (may curtains? Painting the wall? some landscaping under the lilac?)

Garden update -26.06.14


Every couple of weeks the garden changes, it is so cool.. So last days were peonies days, so beautiful.

DSC02177DSC02176DSC02204 DSC02203 DSC02202


The malves were just starting but soon it will be all covered in beautiful flowers. I love this part of the garden.


The lupins are beautiful as always, but the new ones I planted last year are full of Aphids and really affected. I will try an old brazilian gardening recipe, lets see if works around here…


The columbines were also planted last year, it is the first blooming. It is a very funny flower.

DSC02189 DSC02188

This allium is fully open now. It is short, and a cute presence in the garden.


Some beauties in vase around the new patio (I will post soon are progress there).

DSC02183 DSC02181

And the vegetable garden is growing. Look at these tomatoes!!